Component types


This training document gives a list of component examples of each type of component, and links to pages that share more information about the component and how the component can be added to a page. Certain components are restricted to certain pages, so you won’t be able to any component to any page.


Component types list

Form components

Component Types List

  • 50-50 content panel
  • Fact panel
  • Form panel
  • Graphic panel
  • News and updates panel
  • Photo fade panel
  • Photo only panel
  • Point grid panel
  • Quote panel
  • Stacked photo panel
  • Three up panel
  • Video panel
  • Pathway Navigation

Form Components

  • Mvc Form
  • Contact Form
  • File Download Form
  • jetSet Parking Form
  • Lost and Found Form
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Noise Complaint Form
  • Nomination Form
  • For general instructions on form components and adding them to a page, click here.

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